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Bulb Energy Referral - Go Green & Earn £50 Free Credit

Bulb energy is an affordable, renewable energy supplier based in the UK.The company taps its power from 100% green sources and sustainable grids in the UK. They have no exit fees and will even pay the exit fees of your current supplier to help you make an easy and smooth switch. They are currently offering £50 account credit to new joiners.


Bulb Refer a Friend scheme - Here how it works:

Invite your friends to join with your referral link

Your friend signs up in only a few minutes

Once their switch is finalised you will both get £50 credit

Use the referral link below to get £50 off your first bill when you sign up to Bulb.
Refer your friends after that, they'll get their £50 credit and so will you.
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*Please note that this site is not affiliated with Bulb Energy in any way - I am a Bulb member, this referral link and website are my own to help promote, what I think it is a fantastic energy company. If you are looking for Bulb's website, click here