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Bulb Energy Reviews: Here is my personal experience

I had not heard of Bulb energy so before switching I visited various websites such as trustpilot, Money Saving Expert ect. According to customer reviews and online articles, Bulb energy seemed to be great in many ways, so I thought to give it a go and so far it's been really great. Here's why: 

Bulb energy tariff
In my personal experience bulb single tariff worked out much cheaper than with my previous energy supplier. I was already on a good deal with EDF, but bulb's pricing looked to save me around £250 for the year.Apparently bulb invest a lot in technology, which has allowed them to operate at a cheaper level and they have passed the savings on to the customers.

Bulb Website & App

The online interface is really clean and intuitive. They make it very easy to add meter readings, view bills and usage reports, see past communications and check tariff details. The Bulb mobile app is really good  and has made adding meter readings (you can just take a picture of your meter ), view your account balance and statements, and even share your referral link using your mobile phone so easy!

Renewable Energy

I have to admit,  green energy was not the top of my list when making this decision,  but  I am really happy that the right decision for me is also the right decision for the environment!

The 100% renewable electricity comes from sources including  hydro, wind and solar generated in the UK. The 10% green gas is generated by taking slurry from piggeries in and then anaerobically digesting it to make bio-methane gas.
According to Bulb website, "Every year, the typical home with Bulb saves 1.3 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from entering the atmosphere". That's the equivalent as planting 655 trees!

Customer Service & Support

Their customer service is excellent and their customer satisfaction levels are far higher than any other of my previous energy providers. The Bulb Community is an online community which offers great support. Members can have an input in how the company is run and share any sort of information, which could be useful to other members.

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